:: December 11, 2015::

The sign up for the PRINT CLUB 2016 is now open!


This offer is coming to you a bit later than usual and I would like to let you know of a few changes I have planned for the 2016 Print series. My plan for 2016 is to sort of hit the reset button. Ideally, I would like to have the Print Club sign-up start in late summer/early fall and not compete with this Black Friday/Christmas season. The first print for the 2016 Print Club will be in February 2016 and I will release 11 prints (including the bonus print) over a 10 month period and have the next year's sign-up start in the early Fall. So this means the 2016 Print Club will cost a bit less ($300 for domestic / $320 for international) and there will be two shipments of 5 prints throughout the year (the bonus print will ship separately). You will also receive any Periodic Table of Elements print I create throughout the year. This year's bonus print "Breadcrumb Trail #1 - Latitude: 41º32'34.2522" Longitude: -70º39'28.9110" - screen print on wood 9" x 12" x .75", 4 colors.

The Breadcrumb Trail is a new print series I am starting up for 2016. Each print will be of a particular geographic location and the exact latitude and longitude coordinates will be in the title. The idea is for me to get out of the studio (and my head) and draw on location and create a breadcrumb trail of prints starting locally and hopefully extending to different parts of the country/world. These will all be printed on wood.

Being a father of 3 now! The reasons for me to continue the Print Club have become more real and important. This is something I love to do and I hope to be able to continue for the rest of my life. All this could not be possible without your support. So, THANK YOU (from me & my family) -Dan

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December 2, 2015

New prints for December! "Golden Valley" & "Endless Skyway" both prints are 7 colors, 12"x18", signed and numbered. These are offered as a set for $50 (+shipping) or individually for $30 each (+shipping)


In just a few days.. I will start taking new members for the 2016 Print Club! All who sign up will receive a gift "Breadcrumb Trail #1 - Latitude: 41º32'34.2522" Longitude: -70º39'28.9110" - screen print on WOOD 9" x 12" x .75", 4 colors... more on that soon.

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November 2015

"Ghosts with Searching Eyes" - 8 color screen print - 18" x 24" - signed and numbered - $40 + shipping. <<CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE>>



"The Periodic Table of Elements" subscriptions are offered in groups of 10 prints ($130 within the u.s. & $140 international) and will be shipped 5 at a time in 2 shipments. Click here to subscribe.


To make shopping a little easier, i created a link where you can view everything i have available to purchase. click here to see the STORE

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