:: December 10th, 2014::

the SIGN-UP for the 2015 PRINT CLUB is now OPEN. this marks the 10th anniversary of the PRINT CLUB! it's hard for me to believe.. this year's BONUS PRINT "10 of Hearts" - 14"x26" - 3 colors - only available to members. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

to make shopping a little easier, i created a link where you can view everything i have available to purchase. click here to see the STORE

*PLEASE NOTE* - SHIPPING: orders usually take 2-3 weeks to ship. EMAILS: i reply to ALL emails... sometimes it may take a few days for me to get back to you.




PRINT OF THE MONTH: Shared Memory: The Rain

Here are 2 new "Periodic Table of Elements" prints, "Beryllium" and "Boron". Each print is 2 colors (metallic gold and yellow for Beryllium) (metallic gold and green for Boron) printed on black paper. $15 + shipping each. This completes the first set of 5 prints and they will start shipping out to Element subscribers in about two weeks.

"The Periodic Table of Elements" subscriptions are offered in groups of 10 prints ($130 within the u.s. & $140 international) and will be shipped 5 at a time in 2 shipments. Click here to subscribe.

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