:: July 15th, 2014::

HERE'S the print for JULY "Megaptera Novaeangliae" - 2 screens (metallic silver / blue / on black paper) - $35 + shipping.

~ A N D ~ (i will have some new elements prints soon!)

Here are the prints for Helium and Lithium:

I have decided to offer "The Periodic Table of Elements" print subscriptions. Subscriptions are offered in groups of 10 prints ($130 within the u.s. & $140 international) and will be shipped 5 at a time in 2 shipments. Click here to subscribe.

(I am embarking on a new project of illustrating each element of the Periodic Table of Elements. Interpretations of each element will be mostly abstract... There will be a common theme - All things throughout time are/were made up of the same elements. These prints will be released sporadically throughout the upcoming months(years). I hope to have at least 2 done per month)


to make shopping a little easier, i created a link where you can view everything i have available to purchase. click here to see the STORE

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PRINT OF THE MONTH: Megaptera Novaeangliae


2013/2014 PRINT CLUB BONUS PRINT (only available to members) ::

"sentimental and melancholy"




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